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The SAVE Act - House Bill 277 & Senate Bill 249

On March 11, 2021, legislators, outside organizations, and NCNA announced the introduction of the SAVE Act, a bill to grant full-practice authority for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. This bill is the centerpiece of NCNA’s legislative agenda and has been one of NCNA’s highest priorities for several years. The SAVE Act remains alive as part of the two-year biennium and is eligible to be passed through the end of the 2022 "short" session.

  • Read our news release about the SAVE Act here.

  • 19 organizations outside of the nursing profession have publicly endorsed the SAVE Act. Read more here.

  • On March 29, 2022, the Joint Legislative Committee on Access to Healthcare and Medicaid Expansion focused its entire agenda on the SAVE Act. Read more about that hearing here.

  • In April of 2021, the News & Observer ran a front-page story about the SAVE Act, and the extraordinary efforts organized medicine has taken to oppose this legislation, despite widespread bipartisan support. Read more here.

  • BREAKING: SAVE Act passes the Senate! On June 2, 2022, the North Carolina Senate voted overwhelmingly to approve H149, a massive healthcare omnibus bill that includes the SAVE Act in its entirety. The package of legislation now goes to the House for consideration. Read more here.


Talking Points
We encourage you to talk to your legislators about the benefits of this important legislation. 


Click here to read a list of some of our key talking points about the SAVE Act.

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