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Michael Anthony Scott, CFO

On December 21st 2017, my eldest son, Michael Anthony Scott passed away at the age of 29, from Coronary Artery Disease. He was the role model for his brothers and my best friend. As the Chief Financial Officer of my practice, his loss also had an impact on our patients. He always greeted them with a smile, even when he was stressed out or frustrated. And he was always there to lend a listening ear to those who needed one. He had his only major coronary event, with no previous symptoms, on December 21st. His unhealthy weight and stressful lifestyle only exacerbated his condition, which lead to his early death. Before his death, I expressed my desire to move forward and integrate my practice to my son. He agreed it would be an excellent idea and very necessary within our community. His death has convinced me it's time to achieve my ultimate goal of having a 100% integrated practice. This will be beneficial for my current patients, who also have co-occurring conditions, including Diabetes, Hypertension, and High Cholesterol, as well as ongoing Mental Health/Substance Abuse challenges. Future patients will benefit from having one provider addressing their healthcare needs. My love for my son will never end.


He continues to be my my inspiration...

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