Addressing the Medical needs of families and individuals in the Triangle and beyond

Primary Care, with a focus on disease prevention is provided by Juanita C Perkins FNP-BC Healthcare. We have years of experience providing care for women, men and children. Let us provide you and your family with compassionate, family centered care. Since 2006, we have been providing quality care to patients within the Triangle and beyond.  We specialize in the treatment of many chronic conditions, including high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. Patients are treated with a combination of medications, diet, and exercise. We provide the following services in addition to primary care:


Employment Physicals· Pre-school, Elementary, Middle and High School · College 


Are you starting a new school or new job soon? Just found out you need a physical before you can start? Need a physical in a hurry, but don't know where to go? Whether it is a college health assessment form, or new employee physical, Juanita C Perkins FNP-BC Healthcare can help! If you need your form filled out ASAP, feel free to stop by. Walk Ins are welcome, especially in the morning. If you prefer, we can make an appointment for you to complete all the paperwork in as little as 1-2 days. Don't panic, stop by...we can make starting that new job or school less stressful.


Sports Physical

When you need a sports physical in a hurry, come to Juanita C Perkins FNP-BC Healthcare.


Participating in school sports is an exciting time for most students. It can also be a stressful tine for parents, who in addition to getting uniforms and figuring out transportation, worry about getting the required sports physical completed in a timely manner. Call us or stop by to make a same day appointment. No insurance? No worries. We have affordable rates for school physicals for families without insurance. 


Mental Health

Juanita C Perkins FNP-BC uses Reality Therapy principles in her work with individuals, couples, and families. When working with groups, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques are used. Reality therapy focuses on the behavior that the client needs or wants to change and how to change that behavior in a positive manner. The first goal of reality therapy is to help the client to become psychologically strong and rational. A strong and rational person is one that is autonomous and behaves responsibly toward self and others. Medication management is also provided to manage the symptoms of Depression ,Anxiety, ADHD and other childhood disorders, and Schizophrenia . Medication management is not the focus of treatment. Instead, we focus on how social and family systems impact an individual, and attempt to build/rebuild effective coping mechanisms.

Prescription Drugs
Substance Abuse


Are you struggling with alcohol or drug addiction? Feel as though there is no way out? Juanita C Perkins Healthcare can help. We provide outpatient counseling, as well as medications such as Naltrexone and Antabuse, to help you overcome your addictions. You are not alone in your struggle. Treatment is discreet, and is covered by insurance. We also offer an affordable sliding fee for those without insurance.